WattKit Pre-assembled AC box 25A-T2

Brand:   WattKit
Code:   ELE-WK-AC-25A-T2

Our pre-wired plug n play boxes require almost no assembly. 

Our pre-assembled, pre-wired and pre-tested Wattkit boxes take the concept of fast, easy and safe solar energy system installations to a new level of performance, value and flexibility.
Everything needed outside of power sources and battery back-up is pre-assembled onto a single factory tested pre-wired panel. Just hang the system on a wall, make the necessary connections, and the system is ready-to-go.
With IP55 weather and ISO 4892-2 UV protection, our Wattkit boxes are usable indoors and outdoors, and are fully functional between -25 and +40 degrees.  

WattKit Pre-assembled AC box 25A-T2 datasheet ENG
WattKit Pre-assembled AC box 25A-T2 adatlap HU