Huawei Backup Box-B1, 3 phase

Isolated mode (AC output)
Mains connection: three phase
BackUp/island operation (AC output)

Brand:   Huawei
Unit:   db
Model:   Backup Box-B1
Warranty:   24 month
Warranty:   2 year

The Backup Box is used in a residential rooftop PV plant system to control the inverter grid-tied or off-grid state. When the grid fails, the inverter switches to the off-grid state and supplies power to off-grid loads in backup mode. When the grid recovers, the inverter switches back to the grid-tied state .



AC Output (On grid)
Grid connection Three Phase
Rated voltage 380 V / 400 V
AC frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
AC output voltage range 342 V ~ 440 V
AC Output (Backup)
Load connection  Single Phase
Rated voltage 220 V / 230 V
AC frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Maximum apparent power  3,300 VA
Maximum output current 15.2 A
Switchover time <3 s
AC Input (Inverter)
Rated voltage 380 V / 400 V
AC frequency 50Hz / 60Hz 
Compatible inverter SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1
General Specification
Operating temperature range -20 ℃ to +45 ℃ (-4 ℉ to 113 ℉)
Relative humidity range 0 %RH~100 %RH
Dimensions (W * H * D) 400 x 350 x 130 mm (15.8 x 13.8 x 5.1 inch)
Weight 11 kg
Degree of protection IP 65