SolaX T58 Master Pack (T-BAT SYS-HV)

Triple Power 5.8KWH high voltage Lithium Battery

1 master and 1 slave is needed
1 smart meter is needed

Brand:   SolaX
Unit:   db
Code:   BAT-SLX-T58-MP
Warranty:   10 year
Performance:   5.8kWh

The T-BAT SYS-HV is one of the advanced energy storage systems,, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, high reliability, and convenient control features  shown as below:

- 90% DOD
- Cycle life > 6000 times
- IP55 protection level
- Floor or wall mounting
- Quick installation
- No toxic heavy metals or caustic materials

Product portfolio
Nominal Voltage [V] 115.2
Operating Voltage [V] 100-131 
Battery Type Li-ion (LFP)
Total Capacity [kWh]  5.8
Usable Capacity [kWh] 5.2
Faradic Charge Efficiency [%] 99
Battery Roundtrip Efficiency [%] 95
Standard Power [kW] 2.9
Max Power [kW] 4.0
Recommend Charge/Discharge Current [A] 25
Max Charge/Discharge Current [A] 35
Short circuit current [A]  760
Cycle Life >6000 Cycles
Warranty [Year] 10
Available Operating Temperature Range [℃] 0 to 55
Full-load Operating Temperature Range [℃] 5 to 48
Humidity [%] 4 to 100 (condensing)
Altitude [m] Below 2000
Protection IP55
System to Inverter CAN2.0
Battery to Battery/BMS RS485
Data Collection Port /FW UPDATE CAN2.0
Master Control Working Mode Indicator 1 LED
Master Control Capacity Indicator 4LED (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
Battery Module LED 2 LED
Reset Button
Switch ON/OFF Button*1 + breaker*1
Safety CE, RCM, TUV(IEC62619) UL1973,ROHS,REACH
UN Number UN3840
Hazardous Materials Classification Class 9
Transport Testing Requirement UN38.3
Dimensions(LxWxH) [mm] 474*193*708
Weight [kg] 72.2