Huawei AC charger 3 Phase 22kW/32A

The smart HUAWEI SCharger-22KT-S0 charging station charges electric cars with up to 22 kW charging power. Different modes like fast charging, surplus charging are selectable and scheduled charging times can be pre-programmed. The HUAWEI SCharger-7KS-S0 is compatible with all common charging cables. The lightweight device weighs only 3.1kg. Access to the charging station is secured via RFID, Bluetooth and app. A simple configuration of the HUAWEI SCharger-22KT-S0, which can be installed both indoors and outdoors, makes commissioning via FusionSolar App very simple.

Brand:   Huawei
Unit:   db
Code:   CHA-HUA-22KW-32A
Warranty:   3 year

Introducing Huawei's cutting-edge car charger designed for single-phase installations, perfectly complementing Fusion Solar PV setups with Huawei inverters.

-Enhance EV Eco-friendliness: Solar-Powered Vehicle Charging
-Worry-Free Overload Prevention: Auto Detection and Adjustment
-Greater Green Energy Utilization: Seamless 1-Phase to 3-Phase Switching
-Unified Control via a Single App: Manage PV, ESS, and Charger
-Prevent Accidental Charging with Bluetooth, RFID, and App Integration
-Fast Installation in 16 Minutes Wiring-free Maintenance

The Smart Charger offers versatile charging modes, including:

-Surplus Load: Adapts to the current photovoltaic field's power generation.
-Scheduled Charging: Define preferred charging times and manage photovoltaic surplus effectively.

AC_Charger_Datasheet V18 (1).pdf
Inputs and Outputs
Charge power (configurable) 1.4 kW to 22 kW
Nominal voltage 400 V (3-phase) ± 20%
Nominal current (configurable) 6–32 A (3-phase or 1-phase)
Nominal frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz ± 1 Hz
Vehicle connection Type 2 socket
Cable width Up to 10 mm
Network types TN, TT
User Interface & Communications
Protocol Modbus TCP
Communication Wi-Fi/Ethernet
Charger status information WRGB LED, App
Authentication RFID (ISO-14443-A), App, Bluetooth
Remote control & monitoring App
Working mode

Normal Charge

Scheduled Charge

PV Power Preferred

Cable protection Cable E-Lock via App
Residual current protection (RCD) Type A(30mA) + DC 6 mA integrated (IEC 62955 & IEC 61008-1)
Fire Class UL94 
Overcurrent protection IEC 61851-1 
Over-temperature protection Yes
Surge protection  CAT II 
General Specifications 
Operating temperature range

–35°C to +40°C @ 32A

–35°C to +50°C @ 16A

Application environment Outdoor/Indoor
Storage temperature –40°C to +70°C
Relative humidity 5% RH–95% RH
Altitude ≤ 2000 m (derating between 2000~4000m)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 335 mm x 180 mm x 145 mm 
Weight 3 kg 
Installation mode  Wall-mounted
IP rating IP54
Impact protection level IK10
Standby self-consumption < 6 W
Standards Compliance (More Available Upon Request)
Standard EN 61851-1 2019, IEC 62955:2018, IEC 61008-1 2010, IEC/EN 62196-1
Accessories RFID Card * 2