MIC G2 series 6KW Three Phases Dual MPPT

Maximum efficiency is up to 98.3%
Low startup voltage, ultrawide MPPT voltage range
200% oversizing, 110% overloading output (Except 15kW model)
In-built global MPP scan for higher yield efficiency

Brand:   SolaX
Code:   INV-SLX-X3-MIC-6K-G2

SolaX Power envision a clean, sustainable future powered by renewable energy. By pushing back the boundaries with what is possible in solar inverter technology, SolaX Power have been able to produce some of the most efficient solar inverters on the market today, enabling their customers to harness even more of the free, clean energy available to us from the sun.

Data sheet
X3-MIC-G2 V2.5.pdf
DC Input
Max. PV array input power [Wp] 12000
Max. PV input voltage [V]  1000
Startup voltage [V] 150
Nominal input voltage [V] 640
MPP tracker voltage range [V] 120~980
No. of MPP trackers/Strings per MPP tracker  2(1/1)
Max. PV input current[A] 16/16
Isc PV Array Short Circuit current [A] 20/20
AC Output
Rated AC output power [W] 6000
Rated AC output current [A] (220/230V) 9.1/8.7
Max. AC output apparent power [VA] 6600
Max. AC output current [A] 9.6
Nominal AC voltage/AC voltage range [V] 220/380V, 230/400V, 3/N/PE; (95-285V)
Nominal AC frequency/AC frequency range [Hz] 50/60; ±5
Power Factor range 0.8 leading-0.8 lagging
THDi (Rated power) [%] <3
Max. effciency [%] 98.3
Euro effciency [%] 97.8
Standby consumption (night) [W] <3
Ingress protection IP66
Operating ambient temperature range [°C] 30~+60(Derating above 45)
Max. operation altitude [m] 4000(Derating above 3000)
Relative humidity [%] 0~100
Typical noise emission [dB] <30
Storage temperature [°C] -30~+60
Dimensions (W×H×D) [mm] 342*434*144.5
Weight [kg] 15.5
Cooling concept Natural cooling 
Communication interfaces USB/RS485/DRM, Optional: Meter
Optional monitoring dongle Pocket WiFi / LAN / 4G
Display 2 x LED + LCD(16 x 2) / APP
Over/under voltage protection Yes
DC isolation protection Yes
DC reverse protection Yes
Grid monitoring Yes
DC injection monitoring Yes
Back feed current monitoring Yes
Residual current detection Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Over temperature protection Yes
SPD (DC/AC)  Type II / T ype II
Arc-fault circuit interrupter(AFCI) Optional 
AC auxiliary power supply(APS) Optional 
Safety IEC/EN 62109-1; IEC/EN 62109-2; NB/T 32004
EMC IEC/EN 61000; NB/T 32004
Certification VDE4105; EN 50549; AS 4777.2; VDE4105; IEC 61727; IEC 62116; IEC 61683; IEC 60068; EN 50530; NB/T 32004