Solax X3 MEGA G2, On grid inverter, 60kw

Brand:   SolaX
Code:   INV-SLX-X3-MGA-60K-G2
Warranty:   5 year
X3-MGA-60K-G2 Datasheet
X3-MEGA G2.pdf
Max. PV array input power [kWp] 90
Max. PV input voltage [V] 1100
Startup voltage [V] 200
Nominal input voltage [V] 600
MPP tracker voltage range [V] 180~1000
No. of MPP trackers 6
Strings per MPP tracker 2
Max. PV input current per MPPT [A] 32
Isc PV Array Short Circuit current per MPPT [A] 46
Rated AC output power [kW] 60
Rated AC output current [A] 90.9 / 87
Max. AC output apparent power [kVA] 66
Max. AC output current [A] 100 / 95.7
Nominal AC voltage [V] 220/380V, 230/400V, 3/N/PE, 3/PE
AC voltage range [V] 304~460
Nominal AC frequency / AC frequency range [Hz] 50/60; ±5
Power Factor range 0.8 leading ~ 0.8 lagging
THDi (Rated power) [%] <3
Max. eciency [%] 98.4
Euro. eciency [%] 98.1
Standby consumption [W] @Night <2
Ingress protection IP66
Operating ambient temperature range [°C] -30~+60 (Derating above 45)
Max. operation altitude [m] 4000 (Derating above 3000)
Relative humidity [%] 0~100
Dimensions [W×H×D] [mm] 630*521*286
Weight [kg] 45.5
Cooling concept Smart fan cooling
Communication interfaces RS485 / USB / DRM / PLC(Optional)
Optional monitoring dongle Pocket WiFi / LAN / 4G
Display LCD (16×2, optional) / LED×4
Over/under voltage protection YES
Over current protection YES
DC isolation protection YES
Grid monitoring YES
DC injection monitoring YES
Residual current detection YES
Anti-islanding protection YES
String fault detection YES
Over temperature protection YES
SPD (DC/AC) Type II / Type II
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Optional
AC auxiliary power supply (APS) Optional
Power line communication (PLC) Optional
Safety IEC/EN 62109-1; IEC/EN 62109-2; NB/T 32004
EMC EN/IEC 61000; NB/T 32004
Certification VDE4105; EN 50549; AS 4777.2; VDE4105; IEC 61727; IEC 62116; IEC 61683; IEC 60068; EN 50530; NB/T 32004

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