2,5m rail ult (R41-2)

Brand:   Enerack
Code:   MOS-ERK-R41-2500-ULT

The Enerack Ballasted-ULT solar panel mounting system is an efficient and stable solution for concrete slab and trapezoidal sheet roofs. The system allows solar panels to be fixed anywhere on the long side, resulting in greater resistance to wind and snow pressure. Aluminium components and stainless steel fasteners ensure durability. EPDM foam tape facilitates installation and compensates for roof unevenness, and ensures maximum installed PV volume. Application areas of the system: concrete flat roof, trapezoidal sheet roof. Slope angle 10°. Approvals: TUV, AS/NZ1170.2, JIS C 8955, MCS 012, TUV, UL2703, etc.