Tongwei Solar 425Wp BF N-type solar panel

108 TNC (N Type Mosocystalline Cell)
1500V DC maximum system voltage
420-440Wp Power output range
21.8% Maximum efficiency

Brand:   Tongwei Solar
Code:   SOL-TWMND-54HS-425W
Warranty:   15 year

About Tongwei Solar Co., Ltd.

Tongwei has established 3 national first-class PV technology R&D centers and set up scientific research and technology teams led by industry experts, and is working to deepen the industry-university-research cooperation with universities and research institutes at home and abroad. Tongwei focuses on the cutting-edge technologies and independently developed first 1GW 210mm TNC mass production line and first large-size advanced metalization test line in the industry, and has been developing pilot test lines for new cells and mainstream module technologies. Tongwei has been injecting vitality into the industry development through continuous innovation.

Tongwei PV Technology System focused on the R&D and mass production of new technologies and new products (such as TNC and HJT) to further enhance the R&D and development of cross-generation and cutting-edge technologies in the industry (including HBC, perovskite, laminated cells/modules, PV+energy storage and other technologies). In the future, Tongwei will continue to consolidate our strengths of technological innovation, further enhance our overall competitiveness. While providing efficient and high-quality products for upstream and downstream partners, Tongwei will also contribute to the development of green energy and build a sustainable new ecology of the PV industry.

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