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☀️Huawei accessories for solar systems
☀️ SolarKit is the official distributor of Huawei's full product range, including inverters, energy storage systems, and all necessary accessories! 🤝 YOUR TRUSTWORTHY BUSINESS PARTNER TAILORED TO PERFECTION!
SOLARKIT @ Construma Exhibition 2024
As we move through 2024, Solar Kit PV is excited to have participated once again at Construma, Hungary's premier construction trade fair. This key annual event, bolstered by leading professional forums and organizations, remains a nexus for industry advancements.
Deye inverter installation
We present the process step by step on how to commission a Deye inverter. 📱🔧
Cordia - Residential Complex with Renewable Energy ♻️ POWERED BY SOLARKIT ☀️
We have installed a comprehensive hybrid solar system in the 153-apartment residential complex in Buda. As a result, we can almost entirely cover the power supply of the public areas within the complex with locally produced green energy: heat pumps, EV chargers, external and internal lighting, gate electronics, and even the elevators primarily derive their power from solar energy.
SolarKit roof mounting system for solar panels
Solar Panel System on a Flat Roof? We'll Show You How. Tips, Tricks, and a Stunning Balaton Lakeside Retreat ☀️ Our in-house manufactured SolarKit by Enerack mounting structure, CE and TÜV certification, with up to a 20-year product warranty.