Solar Kit by Enerack


At Solar Kit, we're not only committed to quality in solar panels and accessories, but also in the mounting solutions. With more than 4000 installations behind us, we know how important it is that the backbone of a solar system is easy and quick to install, durable and last but not least, has outstanding value for money. With over 15 years of experience, Enerack's mounting products have proven their worth to us, which is why we have created the new in-house Solar Kit by Enerack mounting range for all roof surfaces in collaboration with them.


In addition to the use of materials and the affordable price of their mounting brackets, Enerack also provides easy installation. During our 4000+ installed systems, we experienced how difficult it is to work with a poorly installed mounting bracket, so we looked for a manufacturer that could provide premium parts in terms of quality and ease of installation.




Xiamen Enerack Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company with 15 years of experience. They specialize in the design and manufacture of solar system mounting structures, which they can offer to the market with excellent material usage and value for money.

Enerack has its own factory with more than 80 skilled workers, a full R&D process and high production capacity, strictly adhering to ISO9001 quality assurance system. Their support structures are compatible with almost all roof solutions worldwide.

Enerack products are TÜV and CE certified and ensure full compliance with all required local and national building codes

Their products are subjected to strength and field trials to ensure they are safe, quality assured, easy to install, high performance, economical and reliable. They are constantly innovating their design processes to meet the demands of today's modern world, drawing inspiration from the development experience of the domestic and international solar industry and continuously improving their products.


At Solar Kit, after many years of experience and after having tested several manufacturers' structures, we have decided to enter into a formal partnership with Enerack, which has resulted in an excellent value for money mounting system and we can now offer SolarKit by Enerack mounting systems in our wholesale webshop.


What rail solutions do we offer for structures?

Let's start with solar mounting rails, of which we offer two types: the traditional and the mini rail.

Traditional rails

The traditional rail is a universal solution within the Enerack product range, which means that we can mount almost all hooks for all surfaces with this rail. Each rail is 4.2 metres long and can be easily connected to each other with the rail fastener. The rail itself can be mounted from the side, which saves a lot of time during installation, is much easier to access and can be screwed in place.

Mini rail

The mini-rail is an increasingly popular solution, most commonly seen on flat roofs and shingle roofs. Its huge advantage is that it does not require a separate fixing hook and rail, but the rail itself is fixed to the sheet, which speeds up the installation process. A mini-rail is 385 mm long, so for plates where the distance between the two corrugations is less than this, it is very easy to screw it to the higher part of the plate. It has several pre-drilled holes and can be easily and quickly fixed with the stainless steel self-drilling screws also included in the package. And thanks to its height of 70 mm, it can accommodate both conventional and double optimisers, and even allows air to flow more easily underneath, avoiding overheating of panels or optimisers. Of course, as with the conventional, the mini rail has a simple side-mounted design.

Both types of rail can be used with the intermediate and end clamps that are used to clamp the panels to the rail, so you don't have to worry about having to buy different parts to fix the solar panels.


Let's move on to hooks for different roofing solutions. These are the hooks that attach the conventional rail to the roof surface.


Hooks for traditional ceramic and concrete tiles

We provide two types of hooks for ceramic and concrete tiles, fixed and adjustable.


The fixed hook is fixed to the rafter at a given height, but the height of the rail can be adjusted, so that even if the rafters have a slight undulation, the result is symmetrical and tension-free.


However, if the counter-batten on the roof is thicker than usual, it is worth choosing the adjustable hook, as you can adjust not only the height of the rail, but also the distance from the rafter and the tile.

With these two solutions, around 90% of tiled roofs can be installed.

Both packages of course include the screws for them, so you get a complete set.


Roof clamps for flat tiles

This hook is designed for thinner flat tiles, the main advantage is that it does not protrude from the tile, so there is less chance of leaking and, for example, insects. It should be noted that this design is a more expensive solution, as it uses at least 2 times as much material, but it is the most stable and reliable fixing method for flat tiles.


Roof clamp for beaver tail tiles

Due to the flat design of the beavertail tile, it is more difficult to secure with a clamp, but Enerack has developed a simple solution for this. This hook is thinner and longer, so it can be inserted between denser battens and can even extend under the tile for double beaver-tail roofs. In rare cases, it can be double or even triple mounted if the roof surface requires it, but again, this just confirms that we can recommend it for all kinds of solutions.


Hooks for pitched roofs

We also offer an extremely simple but stable solution for a coved slab, this hook is fixed to the edge of the slab using a double screw design and can be fitted to the rail in the same way as the tiled hooks.


Through-bolt solution for shingles or steep slabs

With this hangerbolt, also known as wood-metal hangerbolt solution, you can fix a rail to a shingle roof. The screw is fixed directly into the rafter and, thanks to the seal at the end of the screw, it does not get wet and is corrosion resistant. This hook can also be used in some cases for steeply pitched rafters where the rafter can be easily hit. The long design of the screw ensures a stable connection of the hook to the roof.


With the Solar Kit by Enerack mounting bracket, we can offer a solution with an excellent use of materials and value for money for practically any roof surface. Browse our products and install the most reliable quality for your customers!