Tongwei Solar

The Tongwei Group is a Chinese company founded in 1982, originally engaged in fish farming. However, from the very beginning, the company's founders were passionate about the environment and green energy. As a result, they have undergone a significant transformation over the years and have become a major player in the industry as one of the largest solar cell manufacturers, with cells used in a wide range of solar cell brands, including Jinko and SunGrow. They successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2004 and entered the solar industry in 2006.

However, in recent years the company has opened new doors and started to produce its own solar panels. This move is exciting not only because it represents a new challenge for a cell manufacturer of this size and stature, but also because it allows them to take an even broader role in the solar market.


Tongwei has achieved a huge increase in their manufacturing capacity, with 70 GW of cell manufacturing capacity and 80 GW of solar module manufacturing capacity by 2023. This demonstrates their dominance in the industry and their commitment to continuous improvement.


The Tongwei Group has a global reach, employing more than 20,000 people and currently exporting its own modules to all continents, with a further 25 countries in Europe, including Hungary. This extensive market presence and international experience confirms their reliability, enabling them to serve their customers worldwide. A commitment to innovation and quality is key to the company's success.

In 2023, our Managing Director and Wholesale Manager met with company representatives in Shanghai and entered into a strategic partnership with Tongwei. This partnership has enabled us to offer Tongwei's high quality solar panels on reliable terms to our customers, both residential and industrial scale.


Tongwei solar panels


Key features:

  • Tier 1 rating
  • P and N type models
  • Multi Bus Bar technology
  • Half-cell technology: 5-10W increase in power per panel and reduction in resistance
  • Efficiency around 21-21.5% (efficiency varies by model)
  • First year 2% degradation, then 0.55% per year until year 30

Tongwei solar modules have an extremely attractive price-performance ratio, thanks to the company's track record and its huge production capacity. Successful development over the years and higher production volumes allow them to offer their products at competitive prices to industrial dealers and installers. In addition, the reliability and expertise of Tongwei gives further confidence to their customers, who are thus offered an excellent choice for the purchase of outstanding value for money solar modules.

Tongwei solar modules are developed using the latest technologies to deliver optimum performance and efficiency. These include Multi Bus Bar technology and Half-cell technology. The Multi Bus Bar technology is a more efficient arrangement of the electrodes of solar cells, instead of the traditional fibre-grinding. The result is increased panel efficiency and reduced energy loss. The layout allows electricity to flow more efficiently through the cells, which increases performance. And Half-cell technology divides each cell into smaller cells (120-144 cells per panel instead of the traditional 60-72), which minimises resistance in the cells. The result is a power increase of up to 5-10W per panel. In addition, half-cells also provide higher efficiency with less shading, as the individual parts operate independently, so shading has less impact on their performance. These advanced technologies not only result in superior performance and efficiency, but also ensure a longer lifetime for solar cells. Module efficiency ranges from 20.5-21.5%, thanks to the latest developments and innovative manufacturing processes. The solar panels are highly resistant to degradation, with only 2% degradation in the first year and then only 0.55% degradation per year until the 30th year. Tongwei is proud of the high quality and durability of its solar modules. The panels come with a 12 or 15 year warranty, depending on the model, and are also backed by a long-term performance guarantee of 25 years, giving you added confidence.




Tongwei solar modules have a number of advantages that clearly show why they are the choice of so many in the solar market worldwide. As a solar cell manufacturer with a long history and a wealth of experience, the company has proven to be a dominant player in the industry in terms of expertise and reliability.


We at SolarKit are proud to recommend Tongwei solar modules, as their commitment and experience in solar cell manufacturing is outstanding. The company is not just a big player in the industry, but a major player that our customers can rely on with confidence.