Aswich fire safety switch MC4, 10 string

Brand:   ASwich
Code:   ELE-AS-ERS-10-MC4
Main Parameter
String voltage (VDC) 300-1500
String current (A) 9-55
Circuit 3/4/5
Connection mode of Isolation switch 10
Working voltage 1 00Vac - 270Vac
Rated voltage 230Vac
Rated current  30mA
Starting (loading) current  100mA (AVG)
Action current  300mA (Max)
Contact action condition 24Vdc -300mA (Max)
Operating temperature -20°C - +50°C 
Maximum temperature before automatic shutdown +70°C 
Storage temperature -40°C - +85°C
Protection level IP66 
Over current protection II
Authentication CE
The DC isolation switch meets the standard EN 60947-1 &3
Mechanical life 10000 
Number of loaded operations (PV1) >1500