Deye BOS-G 5.1 HV battery

Brand:   Deye
Code:   BAT-DEYE-BOS-GM5.1
Model:   BOS-G 5.1
Warranty:   10 year
Cell Chemistry LiFePO4
Module Energy(kWh) 5.12
Module Nominal Voltage(V) 51.2 
Module Capacity (Ah)  100
Battery Module Qty in series.(Optional) min.3,  12 (Standard EU Cluster)
System Nominal Voltage (V) 614.4
SystemOperating Voltage(V) 499.2~700
SystemEnergy(kWh) 61.44
System Usable Energy (kWh)  55.29
Charge/Discharge Current (A) Recommended: 50, Nominal: 100, Peak Discharge (2 mins,25C): 125
Working Temperature(°C) Charge: 0~55/Discharge:-20~55
Status Indicator

Yellow: Battery HighVoltage Power On

Red: Battery SystemAlarm

Communication Port CAN2.0/RS485 
Humidity 5~85%RH
Altitude ≤2000m
IPRating of Enclosure IP20
Dimension (W/D/H,mm)

3-8 cluster: 589*590*1640

12 Cluster:589*590*2240

Weight Approximate(kg)

3 cluster: 258

8 cluster: 434

12 cluster: 628 

Installation Location RackMounting
Storage Temperature(°C) 0~35
Recommend Depth of Discharge  90%
Cycle Life  25±2°C, 0.5C/0.5C,EOL70%≥6000
Warranty 10years
Certification CE/IEC62619/UL1973/UL9540A/UN38.3