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We are globally accessible and an authorized manufacturer's distributor to many well-known brands. We only supply products that we have put through extensive testing during our decade-long installation experience. All products adhere to the highest international standards and specifications. For detailed specifications check out the downloads menu point under the product page or contact our colleagues at b2b@solar-kit.eu email. 

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Our discounted reseller prices are exclusively available to our partners specializing in solar and heat pump installations. We do offer retail prices for private individuals.

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We have strong affiliations with various transport and logistics firms. While our primary focus is on European delivery, we can also arrange shipments outside of Europe. We always secure the most cost-effective transportation method without any additional markup.

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Due to high demand, we are unable to hold unpaid items for extended periods. After 10 days, a storage fee will be applied if the order is not collected

Ordering through our B2B webshop is the most efficient method, though we also promptly respond to email inquiries.

Our technical support team is available to assist you via phone and email. Additionally, we offer factory support, including on-site assistance.

While we aim to minimize this scenario, it can be discussed to maintain a positive relationship.


Through our extensive network of manufacturers, we have the capability to accommodate specific requirements. Please let us know your needs.

For huawei inverters, follow these steps:


Connecting a mobile phone


  1. Switch your mobile phone to airplane mode
  2. Open fusionsolar app
  3. You do not need to log in to the interface, but select “device comissioning for no network” using the 3 dots on the right
  4. Scan the qr code on the right side of the inverter with your phone
  5. Enable the wifi connection
  6. Rescan the qr code if prompted by the system
  7. You are connected to the inverter’s internal wifi network, you must not disconnect from it
  8. You need to enter the installer usage data

User: installer

Password: 00000a


In the main menu of the inverter, click on the “settings” tab marked with the lower left gearwheel

Bottom menu item “communication configuration”

“router connection settings”

Under the “wlanconnect” tab, select the name of your home wi-fi network at wlan

Enter the password of the home wi-fi network in the password field, then click “connect” in the top right corner

Then when a green tick appears between the inverter and the router, you are successfully connected to the wi-fi network